Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What naive wish

What naive wish that man should live in peace
For conflicts arise soon after wars do cease
A lasting calm in this world sublime
Has so rarely been at any time

We've fought each other for almost everything
For land, food annd water even worshipping
Lives are lost and our children cry
Who on Earth knows the reason why?

A terrible truth on which we do not act
That wars encourage inventiveness in fact
Atomic bombs, radar, submarines
Don't come from framing idyllic scenes

Humans have gone quite mad in this new culture
For poisons are now used in our agriculture
Bees endangered to sell certain brands
Wars waged across once tranquil lands

Note: The use of pesticides has severely endanged and killed bees in many countries of the world. If bees and other pollinating insects are wiped out humanity will be in serious trouble.

Image of "The peacable kingdom" by Edward Hicks found at


  1. For poisons are now used in our agriculture
    Bees endangered to sell certain brands

    Truthfully a curse of modern commerce and greed. Pesticides and GMO do cause problems to humans directly even before bees!


  2. Well put The world is indeed in a really bad state but there is also a lot of good things going on. If we all contribute to that there is hope

  3. You write of so many truths. I keep asking "Why?"

  4. "What naive wish that man should live in peace" This is an absolute truth. Mother Earth will do better to rid us of completely so that she can breathe with her other children. This is soon happening.

  5. A strange species, that adds poison to our food. I worry about the bees too, my friend.

  6. The aspect of bees dwindling sways is a serious concern. It seem humanity is not satisfied with killing each other but now nature our support

    Sad indeed

    Much love...

  7. We are such careless and greedy tenants of this old world. When will we ever learn?

  8. Humankind against itself, how terribly sad!

  9. You state so many harsh realities here.. the question remains to be asked.. is there any solution? Sigh...

  10. So sad, Robin. Poisons are everywhere, especially in politics.