Thursday, 29 June 2017

Her skin was soft

Her skin was soft as a ripe peach
Her eyes sparkled like the morning dew
Her nose tilted in a seductive way
I wanted to reach out to touch her hair
Sitting side by side that we now were
But we were in church at morning prayer

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  1. Very vivid piece, and especially loved the twist at the end. Well done, and a delightful read indeed.

  2. Been there, done that! Great story. Lusting in the house of the Lord! Shameless.

  3. Not a bad place to recognize spiritual beauty that often causes the physical body to look beautiful too.
    Sweet six.

  4. damn! I missed the subtext until I read the comments! (thanks guys) lol

    (and that makes an even more excellent Six! I'm re-playing the story the new(er) perspective)

  5. This was great, it is true that the mind sometimes tends to wander a bit during long church sessions. It sounds like it might be difficult for a young man to ignore this beauty sitting next to him. :-)

  6. Beautiful spin on love, as always.

  7. Heehee. All done in in the last line that reveals setting.

  8. Oh, how our minds wander in church. Poetical description that left me with a big smile at the end.