Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Thank you Thom

Thank you Thom for all the prompts in the past
Making me scribble down words thick and fast

Somehow fitting modern words in a period piece
About Maori tribes trying to come to peace 

Or getting so involved with the story line
I hadn't memorized all the words in time

Luckily writing is a haphazard art
Readers tend not to worry once they start

I am sure we will all find a new home soon
Goodbye for now Thom, I wish you good fortune

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  1. Nice tribute to Thom. Cheerio !

  2. a lovely tribute and Thom deserves it

  3. Wonderful acknowledgement Robin and thanks for the company through the years!


  4. Nicely done. Maybe someone will decide to continue the 3WW tradition.

  5. Loving the simplicity of this piece and just the general way the words flow in harmony.

  6. I was fairly new to the site, and still had to say goodbye.

  7. Lovely send off poetry, we hope to meet soon :)

  8. That was quite the shocker for me to come back from my travels to find he'd thrown in the towel.

    I have not. I'll continue to post Suzie's House, and I hope you will have your own offerings as well.