Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The children watched her

The children watched her
And she watched them too
As the mixture of play
And learning began that day

Would the boy with red hair
Stand behind a barber's chair
And the girl with eyes so green                 
Be actress on the movie screen?           

Blunt scissors, crayons, paint                    
Shapes drawn bold or sometimes faint   
Budding artist or engineer                         
Filling the page without a fear                 

Telling tales in the school                         
At home playing in a pool                        
Learning numbers one to ten                    
Head bent, hand now holding pen                      

Seeing kids’ knowledge grow                   
Creative minds emerging slow                 
Then one seeking much more to know   
Knowing they will have far to go               

Years pass you meet them again             
How they’ve grown, a small stab of pain 
“Thanks Miss you really were the best”
An inward smile, you've passed he test

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  1. It is indeed a lucky child who has someone to recognize his unique potential and nurture it...

  2. "As the mixture of play
    And learning began that day"

    A wonderful blend for any child

    much love...

  3. You capture the joy of learning so well - I actually miss school

  4. I hope that someday just one of my students will say to me: "You really were the best." That would make all my years in the classroom extraordinary!

    1. Many may be secretly thinking it and too shy to say.

  5. They do make the teacher's day extraordinary someday!

  6. Teachers have an extraordinary influence on children, and all too seldom are they acclaimed for their efforts.

  7. And to have that teacher, who discovers the extraordinary from the ordinary is a great gift, indeed. Well captured!

  8. This is wonderful!❤️ The joy of learning, the overall experience is nothing less than extraordinary!❤️

  9. I teach at the University level and this makes me wonder if grade school would be more rewarding. But honestly, I am now t sure if I'm up to that. Teachers at all levels amaze me.

  10. A good teacher can make a life.

  11. A lovely read, Robin. I was blessed with several extraordinary teachers, never forgotten.

  12. As a former teacher......It really is rewarding when children, many years later, remember something about your classroom. I HAVE had it happen a few times, and when it does it definitely MAKES my day.

  13. Inspiring teachers have great influence. They are the people you remember later in life. Heart-warming poem, Robin.