Wednesday, 1 March 2017

We are one

I am frightened 
That I will never see you again
I am so scared
That I won't hear you whisper those words
That you love me"

"But you shall"

"I am worried
That I won't feel you touch my skin
I am concerned
That you'll be gone when I wake from sleep
I adore you

"So do I"

"Fear not my love
I shall be with you evermore
I hear your voice
Your words thrill me to my fingertips
You are my all"

"We are one"

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  1. Fear not! Would that we all could live without fear. There's so much to be anxious about. An incredibly touching poem!

  2. So beautiful, a love like that! One knows the spirit must hover near the dear one...........

  3. The reassurance not withheld! Such empathy, love, compassion!

  4. As I read this poem, find my mind going backwards, in time, to my oma and opa, who were married for 53 years, before my opa's death, in February 1984. How they faced, together, The Great Depression, WW II, and coming to a new country, which they didn't speak the dominate language (English) and yet, they did, with 9 of their 10 children, in June 1952. I thank you, Robin, for bringing these memories, for me.

  5. Love is such a beautiful emotion that fear slowly fades beautifully captivated....

  6. Beautiful and loving poem about a lasting love.

  7. Well, you've certainly dissipated my fears with this beautiful write!

  8. Ahhh! And so love casts out fear. :)