Sunday, 19 March 2017

My bus was late

My bus was gone so I sought shelter
With the rain pouring helter skelter
I huddled in the closest doorway
A sex shop, great way to end the day!
More to the point it was open still
A dog sneered at me with looks to kill

Two girls wilth umbrella passed me by
One sang out "Go on in don't be shy"
"Have you got your eyes on us pair?"
"Get us a dildo while you're there"
A taxi drives past, the brakes are hit
As I wave it down to get in it

Girl's jealous stare and now do entreat
So we all packed into the back seat
"Sorry" says one, "We also missed the bus"
"Thank you for taking pity on us"
"We have been hit on a hundred times"
I feel the heat of her thigh sublime

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I very nearly passed this one over trying to think what to write with the prompt words. Luckily my muse appeared at the right (write) time...she is a good girl!


  1. Yea! This is brilliant. I too wondered whether or not to persue the challenge this week and I had a horrible feeling I would be a lone voice!

  2. You've done very well here Robin, complete with great rhyming. Hank passed it off not knowing how to use the given words!


    1. I almost gave up but instead tried to imagine a scene where the words could fit and not be (too) offensive!