Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Tap at the window

A tap, tap, tap at the window, I hear it once again
Who is out there, what do they want? It's driving me insane
The roof is creaking as the wind howls into a raging gale
I look at her, she turns around and her face has gone quite pale
The dog cowers in his bed, the cat has now disappeared
There's a mighty crash now things are much worse than we feared

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  1. You leave me wondering if my imagination runs wilder than your poem.

  2. Excellent spooky poem, Old Egg! Second stanza please!! :-)

  3. The kind of place i don't want to be!

  4. excellent.... (smiling throughout), pull 'em in, yo.... pull 'em in.

  5. Kinda can't help but go Poe and creepy with the "tap" cue, right?

  6. Maybe I'm perverse, but I *love* spooky stuff like this. Nice Six!

  7. When the dog is cowering in his bed and the cat has disappeared... you know you're in a heap 'o trouble!
    Thoroughly enjoyed this - these 6 sentences are jam packed with a myriad of emotions.