Saturday, 25 March 2017

Waiting for Annie

Those long lonely months without you
The velvety touch of your skin
The sweet taste of your luscious lips
My heart's a casket of love within

The way your pretty eyes look
As I poured a glass of red wine
The glint of sunshine in your hair
That winsome look, you were all mine

I see some smoke in the foothills
Cruel flames now flicker in the trees
I'm here alone waiting for you
Dearest one, come back home soon please

There's dust blowing on the highway
How I've been in such a stew
You've added so much to my life
I just couldn't live without you

You now drive into the carport
My heart beats thunderous applause
I kiss and hug you with longing
Holding hands as we walk indoors

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  1. Ah, a happy ending for this one. Nicely done!
    I could hear this set to music in my head.

  2. What can one say that expresses what you have writ than ... AHHHHH!!!
    A loving and lovely poem...

  3. A palpable tale of yearning and reunion!

  4. Perhaps the "saddest" words...."I can't live without you".

  5. Worth waiting for, as is your poem.