Saturday, 25 March 2017

What was her name?

Oh, what was her name?
How the years are cruel
I still see her eyes
It's her that I blame

Beckoned to the woods
Resting by her fire
"Sit by me" she says
"Come let's play a game"

Wood smoke drifted up
Sleepy, my eyes closed
She then spoke to me
My mind she did claim

These words she whispered
"Take care of my world
There's those that mean harm
For greed is their name"

Now I am like her
I can talk to owls
Creatures scamper up
With me they are tame

Warning signs they show
When nature needs help
Birds, beasts and insects
All to me they came

Fish would do as well
With mouths all agape
With them I had doubts
But they were in pain

Troubles others told
Foolishness of man
Ruining the wild world
Just for their own gain

I'm a wanted man
Just like that woman
Many years ago
Cybele her name

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Cybele was the Phrygian and Greek Earth goddess and clearly needs help if she is seeking assistance from me to preserve the beautiful wild places!


  1. And yet there are signs that greed is winning... what a destructive species we are!

  2. one day water will be scarce and expensive than oil is today...hope we don't have to see that day...sigh...

  3. Sadly, another great injustice, is about to happen, here, in the Great Lakes Basin, of North America, as some Americans want to drain the Great Lakes, unilaterally, without the consent of Canada or the provinces, involved. To irrigate those agricultural areas that have drained their own aquifers, over the past century, instead of changing their agricultural practices that created this problem.

  4. Great piece, and extremely true of the regretful times we live in. Greed in rampant.

  5. Nature really does need help!

  6. Cybele is a beautiful name. Do you know that Carol King song
    "it's too late baby
    it's too late"

    1. But we should never give up. Yes I do remember this song from the 1970's when my kids were mad on pop music and I used to get the list of the 20 top hits from the record store to take home to them. The whole family would watch Countdown with Molly Melrum.

  7. Too bad she didn't beckon more to the woods and claim more minds towards preservation!

  8. These words she whispered
    "Take care of my world
    There's those that mean harm
    For greed is their name"

    We must try and preserve nature as much as we can!

  9. When you love something, your instinct is to protect it. Cybele has wooed many, but she needs her defenders more than ever.

  10. She needs assistance, indeed. If we continue forgetting her purpose and the meaning of it, we'll all be lost.

  11. "Foolishness of man, ruining the world for their own gain". So true. We need a legion of Cybeles!

  12. I think we need many wanted men... I just hope that more would be seduced by Cybele... she needs us.

  13. I resonate so much with your words, Robin. I love that the wild creatures come to you, sensing your gentle nature, for help. Here, we have had two wolf attacks on dogs this past week - indicating the wolves are so hungry they are becoming more aggressive. Park staff are dealing with it well. They banned dogs from beaches for a week and are using noise deterrents to scare the wolves off. I worry for both dogs and wolves.

  14. Brilliant. Poets that speak to the wellness and survival of our planet are doing important work. (You and Sherry - two gentle natures - seem to be locked in a Vulcan mind meld with this one. Saving the earth - I can't think of a better reason for a melding of minds.) Smiles.

  15. These words she whispered
    "Take care of my world
    There's those that mean harm
    For greed is their name"

    My favourite verse. A beautiful tale of caution we all need to heed

    Thank you for dropping in at my Sunday Standard today Robin

    Much love...

  16. This has a Rip Van Winkle quality to it. Maybe we will wake up and bring back her story and name that we carry. This poem is proof.

  17. I don't know if we have enough time to make up for our lack of care. :(

  18. You are such a romantic! I think you romance everything. Lol! This was sad but needed to be said.