Monday, 27 February 2017

Being a writer

I love being a writer
As I leave my mundane life
And leaping onto my keyboard
Go seeking ventures abroad

Walking the streets of my mind
Meeting those I would avoid
Even fighting on pirate ships
Or kissing that sweet girls lips

Nothing's out of reach for me
Flying high or crawling a cave
Riding the rapids on a log
Having adventures with a dog

But most of all I like the times
When romance is my theme
I look into that cute girl's eyes
It ends of course in lovers sighs

This poem first published in 2014 has been dusted off, tweaked a little and brought out for another airing

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  1. Ah yes your forte is the romantic poem. And I'm never dissapointed

    Thank you for linking to Monday WRites

    Much love...

  2. It is a great blessing if one has the talent to write..true expressions

  3. it is blessing where the imagination takes us