Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The shadowy figure

The shifty shadowy figure
Stmbled down the half lit street
Hiding his face fromthose he did meet

Painful his steps awkward his gait
Anxious to get to the spot
Which when shaded would not be too hot

Where the day he would spend
Begging in an old raspy voice
Offering drawings "Come make your choice"

Only a few dollars he made
To buy can of soup and bread
'Til he was found in the park quite dead

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  1. This is a very sad tale...

  2. A sad truth. There is no excuse for this in a country like ours. Scandalous. We are wealthy enough to look after our own.

  3. Considering how much the straight up bums can rake it in, it's a real pity that someone who is at least trying should end like this.

  4. There but for the grace... Sad, poignant, a tale of our times

  5. The nameless left to fend for themselves the best way possible. A pity but many in a similar situation! More so in impending bad times!