Saturday, 18 March 2017

Stop bagging me

I waddle like a penguin now
How this happened I know not how
After all those long years alive
Like a mouse into a hole I've dived

Bell, book and candle I need not
I really have not done a lot
I've walked around the forest green
Travelled the world, so much I've seen

Spent some time on a drawing board
Led a peaceful life without a sword
Carried trays in for a sick wife
Knew where to place both fork and knife

I have picked oranges and other fruit
Furnished houses that looked real cute
I'm prattling on like a broken disk
Stop bagging me or off I'll whisk

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  1. You forgot to mention how poetically you use given words!

  2. What a whymical piece. As for the last line...bril! You asked about Rosey. She's behaving herself lately which makes her a bit boring. Time I stirred her up a bit I think!

    A-Z Challenge - My theme for 2017!