Thursday, 23 March 2017

Match point

"Match point" she squealed with delight as once again she beat me at the game.

I didn't make any excuses for she really was much better at tennis than me.

Then there was the fact she was my girlfriend too and I liked her brown legs and the way she flicked her hair.

I always imagined that I would marry her one day but that didn't happen for she gave me the boot and found another fellow and we parted ways.

I am an old man now and I still remember her and her winsome smile that seemed to promise so much but sadly not for me.

However it is good to recapture those moments of my youth when I was young and strong and a whole new world was opening up for me even if I couldn't beat my girlfriend at tennis.

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  1. I love reading about your memories of youth, Old Egg! It is amazing how far life takes us from those simple beginnings and days of sweet pleasures!

  2. Ah, the sunny slopes of yesteryear...

  3. Duce is worse. You don't know where you stand!

  4. I was never much good at tennis either. Or love until I met the one. Memories are beautiful bits of our lives stored away for when we can relive and enjoy them. You are enjoying yours.

  5. It's not easy to believe at the time, but if she didn't see your worth, you were better off when she left.

  6. Very nice recollection...and you never know, perhaps you were spared some unforeseeable tragedy, had you won her heart at the altar.