Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Talk and a smile

I was watching as I often do
Drinking my coffee eating my bun
It is one of my pleasures still
Now my age is nearly eighty one

She sat at a table close by me
Finishing her snack now looked at mine
Had lost her right arm so used her left
Reading the newspaper on page nine

We chatted about not much at all
Of her marriages and children too
Her time in Uni and her working life
Even her lost arm was not taboo

Then as she started to take her leave
She thanked me for the conversation
It's easy to brighten someone's life
With talk and smile, no obligation

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This in fact happened to me the other day as I had a cappuccino in town; the only problem with chatting for about an hour with a stranger was that when I finally grabbed the paper from her I found she had done the crossword which I like to do each day!


  1. Absolutely right! Sometimes all we look for is a kind work and a smile, and somehow the day feels better and life can go on.

  2. Love it! Love the rhyme, too, as you draw me into the story of such warmth with no obligation. The enjoyment spills over. And about the crossword puzzle? You were kindred spirits.

  3. Sometimes, just having someone to talk and listen to us, is more valuable than gold. Love the ending, of your poem, Robin, as I was laughing, at the finished crossword puzzle.

  4. I love this ❤️ seems like we were both thinking around lines of the same theme this week Robin. Love "It's easy to brighten someone's life with talk and smile, no obligation." Beautifully penned.❤️

  5. yes we live for that actually...a few kind words & thanks for the smile :)

  6. That's all it takes :)
    and yet it's so hard for many of us.
    Nicely written

  7. can never really trust a stranger....but they can be fun to talk to. I have had people I don't tell me the most inimate things, perhaps because we were strangers and they thought they would never see me again.

  8. Connecting with strangers is a gift .. to both! I love the rhyming cadence of your words!

  9. You are always so kind, Robin. I can see you extending your kindness in many interactions through your days. This is a lovely scene to envision. It likely brightened both your days.

  10. sometimes the connection with strangers is just amazing and enlightens your life as much as theirs

  11. I love people watching and talking to strangers! It not only lifts my day, it does there's too.

  12. great poem. thanks for the sweetness.

  13. Each a friend and former stranger. How lovely, Robin.

  14. Sticky bun coffee and strangers. Good resources for writing poems. Always more enjoyable when they have a real life ring to them leaving the reader wanting to know more.
    How did she lose her arm?
    Did you get her number?

  15. I'm so sorry that you missed doing the crossword! :)

  16. It really is good to make use of those opportunities to brighten someone's life. It costs nothing, and it feels so very good! She WILL remember you, that is for sure.