Wednesday, 29 March 2017


The creator in his wisdom bade
Give gender to most species made
Much fun each creature then would have
To compensate at their demise
As death was such a cruel surprise

Some species cared not for the plan
As Jim liked Tom and Trish loved Ann
So made it plain they'd not behave
Their lives were happy just like that
As he and she were just old hat

For as the numbers did build up
Was hard to fill both bowl and cup
Greed and poverty ugly are
Surely happiness we deserve
If our Earth we are to conserve

Seeing millions down on Earth below
Pondered long then rubbed his brow
If they're happy and do no harm
It seems okay so let's all sing
It's an evolutionary thing

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  1. Robin, I wish more people shared the wisdom of this poem, this planet would be, a happier place.

  2. making life happy without harming anyone is the best thing one can do in this world...

  3. You make me smile with this wisdom tale. "Do no harm" is something to accept, indeed, in this world of trouble. I am exercised often by the paradox that God also gave humans--men--the power to make rules and devise earthly tortures for those who cannot obey them or obey them to their peril. Isn't there enough to do without that?

  4. I love this. I tell people who quote the bible at me' yes, god created them in his own image so how can you say they are not right? God created all creatures exactly as they are. So live and let live.

  5. I LOVE this poem, especially "it's an evolutionary thing." Yes, indeed it is. Well, I have read these things are as old as human beings, but our consciousness around it seems to be evolving, thankfully. (We are a slow species.)

  6. A wise poem. Oh, would that it was the opinion of everyone, and we could all live and let live.

  7. We are certainly very over-populated! That would be a good strategy of Nature – but I think 'twas ever thus.

    I love your creator looking down and coming to a sensible decision on the matter.

  8. Doing no harm seems to be the heart of what it really means to be human.