Wednesday, 8 March 2017

You flick your hair

Dare I look in your eyes
To smile or wave at you
You've entranced me for a day or two

You have such warm brown skin
I see you flick your hair
I do love a girl that shows such flair

I walk up bold as brass
That's such a change for me 
You're such a flower, I'm the bee

You look surprised of course
But then the penny drops
I once gave you a lollipop

You're the girl in grade six
How you've grown, you're such a belle
I know your name, it's Isobelle

How you laughed when we spoke
Your eyes never left mine
Strolling along, fingers intertwined

You’re determined that’s true                    
Your strong so erudite
Our meeting could turn out just right       

I'm a lucky man having grown up during WW2 where women often had to be head of households, worked in traditionally men's industries and had the vote before many other nations. So I had a mother, aunts and even a nan that were adept, outspoken and determined. I was not blinded by prejudice but convinced by their capability and that the sexes were equal. So my offering is my usual romantic nonsense where neither has the advantage.

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  1. I love your poems. During the war my mom was a Rosie the riveted for the war effort. She was proud of that and always included it on her resume.

  2. Not romantic nonsense, but beautiful romantic words we all enjoy. I love the "you're the flower, I'm the bee" line. It made me smile.

  3. Haha--laughing at your comment. Have you ever written one of these romantic poems from the woman's perspective?

  4. Your poems are romances in themselves, Robin. This made me smile throughout. You grew up in a fine household.

  5. like Bev I also love the flower and bee line...

  6. I love your romantic poems, and one of the things I love about them is that 'neither has the advantage'.

  7. The belle and Isobelle rhyme did give me a giggle
    Luv your poem. Thanks for dropping by to read mine

    Much love...

  8. Your poems are anything but nonsense. Romance has its own beauty like the dance of the flower and the bee. I enjoyed your comment at the end and I like your perspective.

  9. Aw, loved this...not just the nostalgia, but the sweetness...and neither having the advantage.

  10. Not romantic nonsense at all, rather fine romance I wasn't quite around during WW2 - a bit later, the fifties - and I think women remained strong, they had gained their rightful place during the war years.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  11. Woman are both romantic and strong - sometimes I believe men do not think they can be both - but they can and they are....very nice poem...bkm

  12. And that is equality, Robin... Good one!