Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Young Jimmy

Many, many years ago Fanny and her younger brother Jimmy lived with their parents in the woodman’s cottage in the forest where their father worked looking after the trees on the Gentleman’s estate.

One day the bailiff came to see the family and said the children now had to go to school as it is now was the law of the land; so each day from then on they had to walk to the village school to learn their lessons.

As they were older than many of the children there the teacher got them to help the little ones with their numbers and the alphabet whilst making sure they could write their names and do their sums and understand about the world outside the woods.

They were quite bright because living and helping their parents they knew much about land and the trees and how hard their parents worked.

The teacher told them about the world outside the forest, the country they lived and that the planet earth spun on it axis around the sun.

Young Jimmy shook his head sadly and protested, “I only know about the axes that my Dad chops the trees down with”.

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  1. I'm so glad this wasn't a Hansel and Gretel type story! :-)

  2. Children can say interesting things! Well told.

  3. smiled at the end…. nicely done! you know how, (especially with a short, short format as the Six) the mind tries to race ahead while in Sentence 2 and 3… didn't see it coming.

  4. Been having problems with commenting...sorry if multiples...i too liked the end... It was very sweet

  5. Cute story...certainly sounds like what a child would say.

  6. At first I was sad that they had been ordered to attend school, but I loved the ending and think perhaps they weren't tainted by all that book-learned knowledge. ;-)

  7. Nice lead in to an ending I still didn't get until the end!
    Well done :)

  8. I thought it was going the way of Hansel and Gretel, too. This is a much kinder ending!