Wednesday, 9 September 2015

I awoke early

I awoke early
There’s a faint glimmer of light
On the room's window

This day like most days
Slaps me hard around the face
So I am still here

Death is impartial
His absence means I get up
Rather than sleep on

It has been raining
Someone’s been crying for me
Well that’s a comfort

I really love life
Which seems is my fatal flaw 
She will flirt with me

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  1. I really love life - this touched my stony cold heart Old Egg...keep getting up...keep loving her...she may flirt but even elemental flirts have an achilles heel

  2. Keep loving life and she will flirt with you

  3. "This day like most days / Slaps me hard around the face" - great lines! Hope the slaps are light :)

  4. wow love this so much meaning in it to me.
    someone crying for you, which in our family often means they were praying for you as well. Life is lived to be flirted with as well

    come see us at

  5. I as learning more about this form of poetry yesterday, and I admire your ability to pull it together so well.

  6. Are you saying that getting old is getting old?

  7. Enjoy life till the last day she flirts with you. Love her back

  8. This made me smile :) keep flirting with life, it's the right attitude.

  9. Aaaaah, that is indeed a cold morning.....