Wednesday, 9 September 2015

She would flick her hair

I thought she was perfect but sadly she was engaged to Harry Smithers and there didn’t seem to be anything I could do about it.

I suppose it was the look in her eyes that first attracted me to her for they were like soft dark pools of mystery with a touch of laughter.

Then there were her pretty hands and you will think me strange that by just seeing the way she moved them as she spoke would make her that much more desirable.

However it was the spark of life in her every movement that was the clincher for me, such as the way she would flick her hair when speaking to emphasize a point or stare right into your eyes (well mine really) when in conversation.

Did Harry know what a gem he had, I think not because he confided in me one day that it wasn’t working out for the two of them for some reason, while I shook my head sadly.

I sympathized by saying “I’ll try and keep in touch with her” which was just as well I did as we got married a few months later.

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  1. Wonderful!!!! How excited were you to hear it wasnt working out??? One of those sorry for him, happy for me- moments!?

    1. Their eyes clearly made the arrangements!

  2. Memories of falling in love, Old Egg are beautiful and exciting. I wonder where old Harry Smithers is now.

  3. Poor Harry....didn't know what he was losing.

  4. What a wonderful story! I hope the Mrs. gets to read that :-)

  5. Yes! Sometimes you have to go the wrong way to get to the right place!

  6. lol nice done!

    these Sixes are sparking this week!

  7. What a perfect ending to an excellent story! :)

  8. Oh, a good one! Poor Harry, I guess...just wasn't in the cards for him. But an excellent ending for the others.

  9. Such a lovely tale/memory. I don't feel bad for Harry at all, you saw her wonderful special qualities that he overlooked. It ended the way it was meant to.