Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Now lest you think me a pagan ass
Remember I talk with forked tongue                              
Once when I was so very young                                      
At school I sat dumb in Latin class                                   

Why was I learning a language dead                              
Spake by Romans as conquests they made                  
As with nubile maidens down they laid                          
Except now by chemists to earn their bread                  

I was bored completely in my brain                                 
So carved my initials in the desk’s top                           
My knuckles wrapped soon did make me stop               
Teacher said my future was down the drain                   

If only he’d told of their heroic deeds                              
Monsters and voyages far from home                                       
Of gods and goddesses sowing seeds                           
Then my mind would not have roamed                         

I couldn’t wait for the class to end                                             
To get out on the sports field with a ball                          
Then joyfully homeward I could wend
Now hand in hand with my sweet gal                            

Image of Perseus saving Andromeda found at


  1. This is such a delightful piece :D enjoyable read :D

    Lots of love,

  2. Being a teacher - I feel the pressure of this. Of how to keep the kids engged because when they are bored they are not learning. I really try to show them how it is relevant to their lives and do labs/experiential learning things.

    I remember Latin class. I actually enjoyed it more than Spanish. My latin teacher did use many of those stories - and she was engaging. Spanish was just drill and kill - and it killed me.

  3. grammar of the classical languages is torturous unlike their mythologies..the poem is a delight to read....

  4. They do say education is what happens outside the classroom..but it all depends on delivery I suppose...I am glad you walked hand in hand with that girl..i think she paved the way for a love of words and magical stories..

  5. Surely i remember days like that


    much love...

  6. you made me remember the time when my teacher threw a chalk at me. maybe because i was bored with the class and did other things.

    it's always a struggle to stay in a class if you are not that interested. but hey, you got a bonus when you went home :)

  7. LOVE! I wondered how kids found time to carve, to draw hard with ink nibs, etc!

  8. Translating Caesar's Gallic Wars was not much fun !

  9. Ha, this is perfect. I was made to learn Latin too. Argh. As you say, had they told the stories instead of focusing on declensions, it might have held our interest.

  10. Between a boring Latin lesson and the likes of a sweet young thing it is no more an open option.


  11. I understand this in a way. I too took Latin, and I am thankful for it. I learned a lot of English grammar rules in Latin class. Smiles. I still remember "Veni, Vidi, Vici." But I was not very interested in Caesar's Gallic Wars. Smiles.

  12. I get what you're saying and like the jocular mood of the poem - but personally hated sport, and would have loved to learn Latin.

  13. Oh, a kid would love to go through these lines. And yes, why not? The key is to enjoy childhood and don’t do something with pressure .... Find something you love or find the love in what you are doing ...and that's the motto of my life 😊
    Enjoyed reading very much, Robin.

  14. Some classes really do make one's mind wander.

  15. I guess its a good thing I didnt take Latin - tho it sure expands one's understanding of words. A delight as always Robin

  16. Ah, of course! There is a way of teaching that makes even the dullest subject interesting. That's where a good teacher's talent shines through. Good one, Robin!