Sunday, 27 September 2015

Spinning ball

Audible sad sighs
Spinning ball chooses its home
On the roulette's wheel

Casino visit
All dressed up for the evening
I am bust I say

Sally stares amazed
She just doesn't believe me
Just kidding I say

You're just not meant to win
You cannot beat the system
We move to the bar

Music is playing
Relaxing background
Cheap drinks, more to bet

This place exists
If it is how you like your kicks
Persuasive venue

Rather be with you
Than make a mess of my life
I think that trumps all

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  1. Better to take the sure bet rather than the house odds!

  2. I suppose you can cheat the system by following your heart not your head - now who's being romantic!

  3. Great use of the words. :)

  4. Yes... gambling is a persuasive system... systematically unravelling all life's values.

  5. Life is but one long gamble.Some win, others lose.,C'est la vie.

    This story even scare me and I wrote it!

  6. Excellent use of the use of the words. Sorry for not visiting two weeks ago. I am coming out of my mental coma.