Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A real keeper

Jimmy liked to play the field                                   
See how easy they might yield                             
Test his prowess as a beau                                  
Just to see how far they’d go                                 

Tease them, squeeze them, that’s his way         
He had no mind for future days                            
Girl’s romance ends before it starts                      
Left in field of broken hearts                                  

Then Joan came upon the scene                         
Cutest girl he’d ever seen                                     
Not the easiest one to woo                                    
He had much more work to do                              

Jim’s watershed moment came                            
For this girl was not the same 
Loving her was that much deeper 
For he'd found a real keeper 

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  1. Such a lovely romantic piece.. there is often a turning point in a person's life when we meet the person we are meant to spend our entire lives with. You have described that moment so beautifully :D

  2. Fine poem to record when the game ends and the true pursuit of happiness begins. Just a little difference will do it.

  3. hearts crushed underfoot
    one smile a new dawning
    sweeping up remains

    I think Im in a cynical mood after writing my poem today. Happy Wednesday Robin.

  4. I am glad that we finally have the opportunity to find the one. And that we can recognize it when it comes, so we dont miss something much deeper than what we try to fill our lives with.

  5. What a darling poem, OE, and so fun that it has a happy ending for the playboy!

  6. This does have a sweetness to it...or not...she will teach him a lesson, for sure. His days of playing the field are over, he won't even remember how?

  7. Oh, how I love this story! Glad he had to work hard and that he realized he had found true gold.

  8. I think many go through such learning experiences in dating, but it is good that they both found 'keepers' in the end!

  9. this happy ending...sweet :)

  10. So glad he found true love. This can certainly create a turning point in a life.

  11. Happens to the best (or worst?) of them! :-)

  12. Sometimes they realise too is difficult for the Peter Pans of this world.

  13. Good for him. She changed his way. Love happen endings

    Much love...

  14. The best of watershed moments ~ for sure!

  15. Ah it is all different when you find a keeper!

  16. How nice to have made a conquest! Finesse is sharpened through experience, surely oldegg!


  17. Well, that was indeed a turning point finding the keeper.

  18. Ah! Wonderful true and deep love conquers shallow lust. A great watershed moment!