Saturday, 12 September 2015

In this strange city

He did not turn up
Tears drizzled down her face
Her heart was broken

She was left alone
After he had agreed to meet
In this strange city

Ripe for adventure
This was no a birthday treat
But danger itself

She was far from home
Jetsam washed on a strange shore
Line of safety gone

Fear sprouts in her mind
Who was silhouetted there?
Thank heavens, it’s Dad

Image of Rain in the City by Julie Hutchison found at


  1. Yes..we can set off in the spirit of adventure but the world is a scary place..always good when somebody safe finds us

  2. A dad by a strange twist of fate will appear at the right time at a most critical moment. It happens sometimes!


  3. You had me worried there, for a moment. Glad dad was there to find her,