Saturday, 12 September 2015

Art was an artist

Art was an artist
Rob broke into many banks
Prudence was just shy

Brian was brainless
Jay walked straight across the street
But Paul was revered

Omar bridged the gap
Oscar often won awards
Jack was real card

Chris went into church
Matthew told the gospel truth                   
Martha sat by Chris

Melody’s song soared
Young Dora was an explorer                                
Walt stole a wallet

John imagined things
Paul wrote some silly love songs
George sang my sweet lord

Some of the above are obvious others merely wordplay or juxtaposition of letters but I would be pleased to see if anyone can guess who Omar was!

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  1. The Jay walker made me chuckle..a clever and almost subversive piece of art Old Egg..very clever..and fun too!

  2. I don't know who Omar is. Who is he?

  3. I'm guessing Sharif?

    This poem was fun. Enjoyed it.

    1. Well done! Omar Sharif besides being a film star was also a top ranked international bridge player.

  4. You are the master of Haiku, and I have no idea who Omar is, but Gail might be right, since it also mentions Oscar.