Sunday, 20 September 2015

You see me not

What charming words of love can I speak
For each time I see you I am struck dumb
It’s like receiving a sweet birthday present
But find joy choking my deepest feelings
Thus rather than dazzling you with my wit
My mind in awe, is stumped, speechless
Resolution pared away like orange peel
I watch the way you move with grace
What weapons you have to lure me
You sweet hazel eyes entrance me
Your lips almost beg to be kissed
This yearning rots my poor soul
It spanks, no cruelly tortures me
Now eroding my will to dare enter
Those open gates to paradise
Lest I cause you to bear
Some small resentment
Of my deep affection
But you see me not
So I weep for you
Quite alone

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  1. This trickles down like a tear drop - i wonder - if our desires are met would we be disappointed - we may be left without poems perhaps? We may be having more fun but still...a word tear drop can be just as magical

  2. I think Jae has put her finger on it, a "magical tear drop."

  3. Not to be seen by the object of our affections is the cruelest of cruelties!

  4. This is a fantastic vivid: "Resolution pared away like orange peel"

  5. Nice work with the words. Resolution dissolves so easily.


  6. You're always like this in the Spring:)

  7. Aaaaah, love, quite inexplicable sometimes...

  8. the weeping persona gives this piece quite a classical tone

    Have a nice Monday

    Shy Moon

    much love...

  9. An apt description of a first infatuation -as I see it ;)

    I've been a tad busy, so best to try and move forward in visits. Though one of these days I could go backward too...

    Rumors; The Sixth Room :Mother’s Closet