Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Yes, your excellency

The president of the small republic walked sedately down the back steps of the presidential palace to enter the awaiting limousine. It was Friday and the day that he and his entourage would drive through the streets of the capital for him to be greeted by the populace who had been encouraged to line the streets for this regular farce. The president waved politely from behind his bullet proof window as the free paper flags distributed the day before were dutifully waved as he passed by and then thrown in the gutter when they walked home as he left them far behind. With his usual righteous sanctimoniousness he nodded to his aide by his side “I do like meeting the people” now let us return home to the palace. Just then his bullet proof limousine braked and swerved across the tree lined avenue.

The president automatically crouched down on the floor and whispered “What’s happening, what’s happening?”

His aide, checked out the street spoke to the driver and then turned to the president still hiding on the floor, “It alright now sire it was only a pathetic crippled child crawling across the street, but we managed to avoid him.”

“Have him arrested and removed from the city. I have told you before that the streets must be cleared of vermin before I greet the people.”

“Yes, your Excellency, I’ll speak to chief of police.” 

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  1. yes that sounds about right. they care more about there own image they present but behind the scenes they act like themselves, great story Old Egg

  2. Yep, that's a tyrant for you. They like to tell themselves they do it for the people.

  3. Yeech .. what a vision ... terrible to think that in a way this has a ring of truth.

  4. Sad, but it probably still goes on. Unimaginable but likely.

    Rosey Pinkerton's blog

  5. Shame on you! And who says we need rules and rulers anyway?! Get out of my city!

  6. Couldn't help but think of the meeting of the president and the pope - as i am sure you did too!

  7. That's just awful! What's worse is there are probably places like that.