Saturday, 26 September 2015

By the wayside

Let me walk with you
As we did long years ago
When we were so young

Our legs were strong then
How we would run down the lane
First over the stile

I held your warm hand
In shy anticipation
That you would be mine

O how those years passed
I kissed you and breathed you in
How sweet was our love

Though the path is long
You left me by the wayside
To walk by myself

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  1. Sometimes what is lost sings louder than what is here..i felt that here...but also admire that the path is still used...some may never venture back do so is admirable - as is your poem

  2. You do such a fabulous job with your haiku poems....I haven't yet figured out how to make it work, but a friend has asked me to write one per day with her starting in January. Hmmmmm.