Thursday, 3 September 2015

Maggie May

Maggie May an old family friend of his mother’s had died so the lawyer’s letter had informed him and he was mentioned in the will.

Yes, he remembered her from when he was a small lad not yet at school for she looked after him at home when his own mother had worked in the wartime.

She was a widow from the Great War and had no children of her own so she loved being his minder.

He hadn’t seen her in for many years and was surprised that she even remembered him from so long ago but she had and left him all she had.

Her possessions were few and they would be hard to give away and would best taken to the dump except for one small box of her little treasures of a lifetime which mainly consisted of photos of him as a child.

He was content with that though as he could feel her love for him come through as he recalled all those times when she had been a mother to him.

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  1. Worth more than gold ... lovely

  2. Such a sweet and tender story, Old Egg! The place we hold in the hearts of others often goes unnoticed until later. It holds with my belief that there is always someone, at least one, to whom we matter, someone who loves us. The man who inherited this precious box of photos obviously realizes the meaning behind them, and that makes them far more precious than a box of gold.

  3. Wow what a story. So full of emotion and love and it makes me feel what I feel when looking at old photos and wondering about the stories behind them.

  4. The story was beautiful, and the photo goes with it so well!

  5. She left behind precious memories & her love.
    Touching one.