Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Guests that stay too long

Still they come to this barren land
From teeming cities, swamp and sand
Their desire for freedom so intense
Despite the dangers and expense

Their worries far outweigh the dangers
Despite our history of bushrangers
They come to leave behind war and strife
And of course to seek a better life

But with welcome here they do not get
High seas and navy patrols see them met
Then to remote internment camps are sent
In this land compassion is quite absent

There is a far better way and wiser
To arrive by plane with a temporary visa
To work or even take a blissful holiday
Overstay your welcome, you might be okay

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  1. It all comes down to money, doesn't it?

  2. "In this land compassion is quite absent." One of the most disappointing truths about a country with so much potential for good.

  3. this is a very thought provoking poem...reminds me of stories my friend in Key West has shared with me.

  4. Great post, and really brings out some truths in the immigration issue.

  5. I don't agree with the long wait in detention centres. The processing should be completed in 4 months or less as it is in other countries and I do not what the motivation is in keeping illegal immigrants in detention centres for years unless it is to get the message out ...don't come here because what you are coming to is worse than what you are leaving !
    I don't know why you are surprised . Australia had the White Australia Policy for years which only ended in the 70s. I am unsure if attitudes have drastically changed since then.Political correctness is one thing but what is really being said behind closed doors away from the cc camera.

    1. Perhaps I should not have made this serious matter sound lighthearted when it certainly is not. It is just my way of saying that Australia is not doing it in a fair way.

    2. Well it would be hard to argue with that!

  6. Having played a role in the visa process at the university where I work, I can sympathize with both sides. Legal immigration is the best and safest way, but the process can be long and complicated. A person with little money or education and a hungry family to feed hears the success stories of other illegals and decides to risk it. I don't favor open borders, but I do wish we would make it a little less byzantine for honest workers to go where the jobs are. I've seen people with Ph.D.s become baffled and overwhelmed by our current process in the US.

  7. I think I would take the passive temporary visa route....god knows I barely know what the real world looks like anyway so couldn't face boats and navy patrols :~

  8. migration problem is nicely penned in a poem,great


  9. I always feel sorry for those people and wish our government would let more stay.