Monday, 20 October 2014


A long time ago
There were no computer games
But we were not sad

I was so young then
We were short in everything
And it was wartime

But we still had fun
Outside we ran and played free
Indoors, different

So chilly winters
A pack of cards was all
Solo or with friends

Solitaire for one
For two there was Snap
Then Go Fish for more

Soon there was Rummy
When the Old Maid had been found
I loved Clock Patience

With Dad we learned Whist
Then we progressed to Oh Hell
Except at parties

For many people
Called for improvisation
So then Chase the Ace

Playing cards teach us
Winning and losing is fun
Adding social skills

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  1. I like the last haiku best.

    The fact is that I don't seem to have learned that 'losing is fun' yet...

  2. We are a card-playing family, too. I've played Solitaire and Rummy my whole life. I haven't heard of many of the games you played, though.
    I chose to write about our family's card game of choice this week. Euchre.

  3. Unplugging from the internet used to be one of the things I most enjoyed about vacation. We would play games and all of the teenagers had a blast.

  4. This brought back good memories of childhood, Old Egg. We played most of the card games you listed, and my grandmother taught us to play Canasta at a young age. You are right, it is a healthy, learning activity that is fun. Life is about winning and loosing and trying again! Great take on the prompt. Thank you for joining me for Two Shoes Tuesday!

  5. Games and cards were the indoor play aids that we never grew tired of. O.E, I love that picture. The kids are very intent, it fits perfect with your theme. Nicely written, I searched for my childhood friends. Somehow I skipped 'Go Fish' in my life but we did have a couple of sets of 'Old Maid.'

  6. We played Monopoly, Canasta, Pinochle. Thanks for the memories.

  7. I'd like to play Bridge again sometime. I spent many hours, skipped many classes playing in college. There's no other card game like it. Your Haiku is inspiring.

  8. I do have fond memories too.
    How much fun playing cards!
    Thanks for sharing & taking me down the memory-lane :)

  9. I remember when the only thing I had to play with was a deck of cards. My Grandma and I played Old Maid by the hour and I spent a lot of time making little villages with houses made of cards, then having the big bad wolf blow them down....sigh. Kids today dont know how to amuse themselves - and when given a toy they ask "what does it DO?" If it doesnt already have actions, lights and sounds, they have no clue what to do with it.....Old Egg, I am wondering if you might agree to being featured at Poets United's Life of a Poet series? would love to interview you. Let me know at