Saturday, 25 October 2014

Yearning for home

                                             Nightingale singing

Your love is a nightingale's song                                
That sad caress of hearts desire                           
This touches me wherever I am                              
Whatever I do I will not tire   
As I travel so far from home                        
I picture you in all my dreams                                  
As lonely paths I walk at night                                 
My way is lit by your moonbeams               

This yearning will be sure to end                            
In your sweet arms I’ll gladly lay                              
Homeward’s journey soon will make                     
And with our children gladly play    

You’ve warmed me with your fire of love               
I kiss your lips with passions drive
What kind fortune picked me for you
This is all that keeps me alive

Beautiful nightingale sing on
You echo words my love does say
I sadly sleep this night alone
At dawn I’ll take the homeward way

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  1. Such a lovely song for the nightingale who herself soothes other with her songs.

  2. i echo Vandana's reflection on the nightengale's intrinsic soothe others with her songs.

    woderfully soothing piece


  3. this poem is a song in itself - yes I too echo my predecessors in commentary ...

  4. hope you make it home in time...that yearning can be a bit painful....and tonight the nightengale song knock a bit of that edge off

  5. may the homeward journey be a swift and peaceful one.

  6. The nightingale image works wonderfully here. Good to have this reminder on the homeward journey.

  7. I too like the image and sound of the nightingale. There is also wistfulness in your words.

  8. Your opening line is perfect. It really sets the tone and mood for the rest of the poem. The rest is bittersweet and does a good job conveying the emotion to the reader.

  9. What a mournful, hopeful, tender poem.

  10. Such hope and sadness from a traveler. A great poem.

  11. Love the tribute and love for that little bird... works wonder these days of darkness...

  12. The song extended by the nightingale is a joy of wonders. It'll lead the way home most appropriately. Great lines oldegg!


  13. I can feel the longing in this poem, which is so beautifully written. Love like this never ends, and the hope of reunion keeps us going. I love this, Old Egg - my favorite poem of yours so far.

  14. The longing here makes me sad yet, there's a joy knowing there's a home to go back to. Love is a thread, it will take you back. Beuatiful writing.

  15. To envision/hear that love as a nightingale's song is lovely! You can have her with you and tehn doublet that when sleeping, when walking, when heading home. My memories often bring me a smile and caress even though my partner is long gone.

  16. Lovely tribute to the nightingale. Good use of metaphor in this one.A sad poem of loss.

  17. ah, the road back home. so much sincerity and inspiration on this poem.