Saturday, 25 October 2014

To win your love

Can I conquer you?
What design to win your love
Have you a weakness?

How aloof you are
Such weapon to tend beauty
and crush my spirit

A prickly question
What irk, that thorn in my side
Just where is your smile?

I’ll give you roses
Surely I will scent success
When they touch your heart


  1. Some hearts cannot be won....always worth a try though :)

  2. You do such a great job of finding just the right photo to put with your poems...such fetching eyes on this one!

  3. I do hope that the roses will be able to break through the aloofness!

  4. Robin, that single notion, "Have you a weakness?" caught my eye. It's often true that we find our "in" through weaknesses! The strengths are already in place, but the chink in my armor is chocolate, ha ha. Not hinting, Lex buys me plenty. (wink) Amy