Friday, 10 October 2014

If music be the food of love…write on

                                    Flute and Harpsichord Duet

The time of our lives
When your soft fingers play with
The cleft in my chin

The beat of your heart
Your voice is such sweet music
Drum's beat of passion

Together in tune
Our love’s like a symphony
Seductive rhythm

Tenor in my voice
But words are not my forte
Pause for reflection

A medley of kisses
You play with my affections
And nibble my ears

Now I must leave you
Concerto’s last movement
Resounding applause

Sharp pain of absence
I note the tears in your eyes
Plucking my heartstrings

25+ words related to music or including musical terms are included in this piece.

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  1. I think you have captured the mechanics and the melody of sweet nibbles at the readers ears!

  2. Would that all of our musical efforts, and our writing, earned resounding applause! I can tell you had fun writing this piece. As always, thank you for "hanging in" with Sunday Scribblings 2. Your efforts are appreciated.

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely....I am a music lover, and appreciate the concertos. Great that there is resounding applause from the audience!

  4. Music is a romance and a dance. You captured it well.

  5. Beautiful! This is romantic and melodic, what a lovely dance~

  6. All of life is a symphony. Nicely done!