Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Woodland Sprite

I met an angel                                                          
May I talk to you of her?                                  
But keep it secret                                                    

Her voice like a song                                              
With hands soft and beautiful                              
I said “speak to me”                                                 

She laughed like a stream                                    
The sound of rippling water                                  
As she smiled at me                                               

“I want to touch you”                                               
Her eyes sparkled like the stars                           
She denied me not                                                 

I tugged at her hand                                                           
She lived in the dark forest                                               
“Come back home with me”                                  

She just shook her head                                       
“I am daughter of the woods                            
He would not approve”                                          

As her hands touched mine                                      
She said "And just who are you                     
Will you come again?"                                            

I said that I would
Day’s later I returned there
But could not find her

I searched all over
Yet I found the woodman’s hut
Abandoned for years

I often go back
Hoping that my woodland sprite
Will appear again

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  1. This reads like a classic fairy tale.. The empty woodman's cabin is a very interesting and slightly eerie touch.

  2. I am impressed with the story you have told in haiku. Masterful. And, oh that she would appear again. Keep looking. Smiles.

  3. Wow! beautiful and sometimes it nice to visit the fantasy world.

  4. love this beautifully woven fairy tale world...

  5. this is lyrical, lovely and delightfully mythically magical

  6. A lovely tale, there is something magical of the woodland ~

  7. It does remind me of a fairy tale, where mystery and magic cohabit in the forest. Congratulations on having written haiku!

  8. Continue to return, my friend, making memory and experience a major part of the goal! I found that in this poem.

  9. hmm.mysterious.I would love to meet an angel/sprite such as her.

  10. I love this tale and, as Bjorn says, the empty woodsman's hut adds a nice eerie touch. I love "I am a daughter of the woods."

  11. What an imaginative story to tell, very much of a fantasy in reality.

  12. Fairies, sprites and fairy tales...keeping us returning for more magic and mysteries.

  13. Poor Tom Bombadil not finding his River Daughter.

  14. Oh this was fun to read! Thank you for this light and entertaining tale.

  15. So lovely, the sequence of events makes it read like a fairy tale....may you find her one day!! Amen... smiles~

  16. Tales such as this have been told for centuries.. there must be something in them.


  17. What a lovely fantasy ~ really enjoyed this :)

  18. This is quite enjoyable. The feelings of both being drawn to the sprite and then never seeing her again create a certain tension. Well done.

  19. Who was she?
    Will they meet again?
    The question remains.

  20. i love the way you describe her laughter...

    hmm, a sprite or too much sun. :P

    very enjoyable and light hearted.