Saturday, 18 October 2014

An Unwelcome Guest

I was awoken
By a blood curdling scream
On one winter’s night

I sat up in bed
Was my wife having a dream?
I gently touched her

“Ssh” she spoke at last
“There’s somebody in the house
Didn’t you hear them?”

“I will go and check”
I tell her quite undaunted
She still clung to me

She felt so loving
I really should have stayed there
But got up instead

There in the kitchen
A found a happy possum
Eating leftovers

I had a problem
Just how could I get rid of
This unwelcome guest? 

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  1. oops! we face such problems with rats.............

  2. Well, if you lived in America the answer would be simple. You open the kitchen drawer, take out your Glock 9mm pistol, and after checking that your 6 year old son had not used up the live ammunition you had left in the magazine - you blast the animal into oblivion.

    1. Sorry Altonian possums are a protected species in Australia, much like bears in Finland. They have a skill at entering roof spaces and are not easily put off.

  3. A big broom! It's kind of cute though

  4. It looks very different from the type we have here in the States. It's helpful to have a young and healthy cat in the house. Her presence discourages unwelcome guests.

  5. Oh mercy, what to do if it just stares, continues eating undaunted – would it hiss if one came at it with a broom – or worse, attack, killer rabbit style – Glock or broom, what to do!