Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I was merely a friend

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Tears glistened like stars on her cheeks.
I knew it would be this way.
The light no more in her eyes
It was more like the sun setting
Slowly over the sea where the waves
Sparkled on the retreating tide

She confided in me that it was over
All I could remember was saying
He was a lucky man to find her
And she chuckled with happiness
When I said that, not remembering
She always made bad choices

While I talked quietly to her
And listened to all her dreams
She never saw the desire
I thought flashed like beacons
Animating my own face
As I was merely a friend

Someone to talk to
To wipe away her tears
To tenderly pick her up
Brush the hair from her face
Gently kiss away the hurt
What a farce this was

It never entered her head
I would like to kiss her nose
And stroke her cheek
Then hold her pretty hands
Lay my head between her breasts
To hear her beating heart


  1. Very romantic, and she loved 'him' in her way...

  2. I believe the young people call that being "friend-zoned." But no matter one's generation, it hurts when the other doesn't return the affection on the same level.

  3. I hadn't heard the expression friend-zoned..or landed...but i agree with humbird she loved him in her own way...and that can be the best thing..

  4. That is the way is it sometimes, I'm afraid.

  5. Oh yes it would have entered her head....women always know!

  6. How very sad to be just a friend when one would rather be more. Thanks for sharing the lovely poem.

  7. I think you're wrong Rallentanda some women never know.
    Well written Oldegg

  8. Very beautiful. Loved it. :)