Saturday, 2 August 2014

Golden Messengers

I have always loved
Marigolds exuberance
Many golden smiles

Bright and colourful
Reminding me of my wife
When smiling at me

Breathing the morning
And happy in her garden
Tending it with care

Now when I see them
Golden angels from heaven
Sacred threads of love

Nodding constantly
Saying I am still with you
Wherever you are

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  1. What a touching, lovely ode to your wife. Very moving

  2. Yes..she is and will always be...i think the marigolds are smiles just for you..maybe that's why there is joy within this poem which (on the surface perhaps) is about loss... :)

  3. Another nice one Rob. I feel much the same way about dandelions - they remind me of walking in summery Hampshire fields. Finland is lovely, but I am missing Hampshire more and more each day.

  4. How lovely! Much more a joyful thought than yesterdays!

  5. What a lovely memory and association! Marigolds, daffodils, bright yellow button mums...they all seem to smile like private suns. Or like a cheerful loved one, always nearby.

  6. This makes me feel so sad . I have no answers for you. I pray I go first.
    Don't go to see" A Most Wanted Man" Zzzzzz 2/10