Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I plaited your hair

Should I divulge this
Such insignificant truth
That tortures my heart?

How we laughed when young
Kids playing in innocence
Two peas in a pod

I cuddled your dolls
Then we took the dog for a walk
And wore your pink dress

I plaited your hair
Inseparable like twins
I dream of you still

We splashed in the pool
And there were no heartbreaks then
Such halcyon days

I now read you’re wed
Who is that “childhood sweetheart”?
I thought it was me!

Am I forgotten
Have you buried me deep down
In this godless world?

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  1. Having a childhood sweetheart is a memory to treasure always.

  2. I would love to re-connect with my childhood sweetheart. Not for any prurient purposes, but simply because he retains a place in my affections.

  3. How nice to remember and be remembered of those days of childhood innocence.! Not many may have such privileges to recount! Nicely done oldegg!


  4. Well obviously there was another little boy who was wearing her pink dresses as well, whom you did not know about.

  5. Ah, the loves of our youth are so sweet and never forgotten even when we move on.

  6. Time outgrows those pink dresses...I like the ambiguity..intended or not..was it a little boy and a girl..or a girl and a girl..or indeed a boy and a boy.. were they forced into a normality marriage to meet the world's expectations..regardless..a sweet dose of love lost

  7. Yeah! I must admit I often wonder whatever happened to Gloria Gregson.