Saturday, 26 July 2014

What love really is

Oh you
Precious one
How can I save you
From the senseless and cruel?
Their thrill to hunt you down
I would fill your empty heart
Reveal myself to you, a friend
I'll not dabble with your feelings
But walk that hallowed ground
What skill, what art do I need to learn?
My blast of true affection will surely win you
To prove I am not shallow like the others
Those that have stained and betrayed your trust
You have had your whack of all that hurt
I want to be the centre of your life
To help you unfold, to bloom
To have a great purpose
To give you hope and
Know what true love
Really is


  1. Noble ambitions. We can all grow if we have someone to nurture us.

  2. Excellent wordling. I love the romantic nature that it shows.

  3. Love is an unconditional bloom...i hear that...and better than choosing the opiate bloom

  4. Nice poem and like the form intentional or not as though the poem is pregnant with love :)

  5. You are so romantic! Simply beautiful.

  6. Lovely sentiments, but those who choose betrayal over and over can't usually appreciate real love. One can hope, though.

  7. I like this....perhaps it is the jaded in me...but I kind of see a bit of creepy stalker going on here as it's true and vulnerable intention it is beautiful...I must be very jaded.

  8. Wow this guy is sincere or what

  9. Written so carefully, with such care! What the love is if not transforming ourselves.... From other side we are all on a mission, so everyone has different experience, so the maturity of each soul - different. How can you live someone life instead of him/her? They need their own experience, the lessons and it hurts more often...

  10. Beautiful, with every word perfectly chosen.