Friday, 25 July 2014

I know of a place

I know of a place
More precious than diamonds
Where happiness rules

I lie in your lap
My head blessed with such softness
And warmth of our love

So I kiss your nose
Whisper sweet nothings to you
And feel your heart beat

We're but one person
Touching to make sure we're there
Compatible us

So the angels sing
And love’s sweet elixir calms
My poor troubled mind

We'll meet up again
One day, oh so very soon
But will you know me?

My voice is husky
These hands will not stop shaking
As I stumble on

I am greyer now
I walk with a limp and may
not recall your name


  1. If you can remember the place..both names will be remembered and treasured...I think also that limps and grey hairs disappear when we find the place and person we have lost and find again..a precious poem with a title to hold close...

  2. We always remember love...

  3. Super-poignant: the joys of true love and the sorrows of crumbling and passing are palpable, and I am left in a mixed state of peace and unrest, delight and despair. Lovely poem, OE : )
    Miss A