Monday, 28 July 2014

Mad Mouse

                                     Mad Mouse, Adelaide Show before demolition

It was Show time
“Daddy, Daddy, take me please”
She was the youngest

Of our three children
The others took their rides alone
So I went with her

While my wife wisely
went to the dog pavilion,
plants then cooking

Oh what fun we had
Hall of mirrors, the ghost train
Candy floss and showbags

Money was invested
in producing happy smiles
Then her plea was, “Dad?

Can we go on this?”
Pointing to the Mad Mouse ride
High above the ground

So her pleading looks
Lead me to the ticket gate
No turning back now

Ushered to the front
Single seats for each other
“I’m behind you Dad”

She squealed with delight
As I had the drivers seat
but without control

And soon off we went
Climbing, climbing, round the bend
Down, down at a speed

That drove my eyeballs
Into the back of my head
My steering useless

On and on it went
Up and down and round about
I was so relieved

When we stopped at last
And rejoined the family
On unsteady legs


  1. I expected her to be squealing "Let's do it again!" at the end! WHat a lovely memory... I assume its a memory! I couldnt say no to my kids healthy excitement either... even when it meant my fear!

  2. Unsteady would describe my experience....too chicken to try!

  3. Love this... so true too. What we do for our children!

  4. Wonderful memory, what an awesome Dad! My kids have always loved carnival rides and rollercoasters in particular, but you could not pay me enough to ride with them, the motion makes me very sick. I know your daughter holds sweet memories of your taking that ride together!

  5. I would feel the same if I were to ride the Mad Mouse. Your daughter has a good father.

  6. I couldn't do it. A lovely read, though. Fun family times.

  7. This was so very real to me; I could picture it entirely. Made my heart warm.

  8. True story, I hope. My parents were to scared to go on any fun rides, and my siblings were too much younger than me. I did a family amusement park outing once and was so profoundly bored that I begged off ever after.