Monday, 21 July 2014

Starlight Fairies

I heard some laughing
The tinkling of little bells
sounding in my ear

It was insistent
They would not leave me alone
those forest fairies

Chattering away
they had come into my home
in the dead of night

Banging on the pots
hiding behind the curtains
waking me in fright

“Bluebell is that you?”
But all could hear was chuckling
they were teasing me

Stumbling on my feet
I chased them from my bedroom
then I heard thunder

A mighty wind blew
the Fairy Queen burst on the scene
whilst sprinkling stardust

“Bluebell, you were told”
She uttered shaking the house
“To keep this man safe”

Bluebell and her friends
hung their heads while feigning shame
knowing that I laughed

“Do forgive them please
What human would not be pleased?
to have them at home”

With a wink, she smiled
“They must be punished for this
and must clean the house”

I looked at Bluebell
She shrugged her shoulders and
flapped her tiny wings

When the Queen was gone
Bluebell came up and whispered
“Oh, this won’t take long”

She took out her wand
Spun it round over her head
House tidy at once

“Good now that is done
Can we play in the garden?”
She smiled happily

Fairies are great fun
They’re good at gardening too
Wouldn't you want one?

Postcard "Starlight" by Margaret Tarrant in authors collection


  1. Oh my goodness....send one to me right away. My house could use a tidying up, and I don't have a magic wand! Very sweet poem.

  2. Jeff needs one in his bedroom, Sir Old Egg!

    Nice to be back here ;o)

  3. Great Fantasy, Oldegg! Love it :)xx

  4. I believe in fairies... I do! I do!

  5. Yes, yes, please send them to my house... or even just the magic wand! This is a delightful tale, Old Egg, I think we all still have a bit of magic in our hearts and anything is possible if we believe! Thank you for making me smile for Two Shoes Tuesday!

  6. Yes, please a faerie to share the garden and enjoy the grounds. To protect and care. Lovely poem.

  7. I didn't know faeries would tidy up. Maybe I need to look into this.