Friday, 11 July 2014

The Bluebell Fairy and me

It was almost dark
I stumbled through the forest
Searching for the path

There in a clearing
A small figure was standing still
So she turned to me

She could not escape
Legs akimbo, hand on hips
Strong and beautiful

She whispered to me
Very bold for a fairy
“I know you, don’t I?”

“I’ve been here before”
I said. An owl hooted so
his call confirmed it

“Want to come with me?”
I nodded so she jumped up
onto my shoulder

“I’ll show you the way”
Took me to the old oak tree
Tight hold on my ear

There in the clearing
All the fairies had gathered
in preparation

“The queen is coming”
I nodded, smiled, then asked her
“What is your name?”

“My name is Bluebell”
As she flew from my shoulder
and said quietly

“You may sit just there”
Pointing to an old tree stump
“Guests must be quiet”

The dancing began
Soon the fairy queen arrived
And then looked my way

So I bowed my head
And celebrations resumed
It was the solstice

Bluebell often came
She whispered in my big ear
and brought me nectar

Before dawn’s new light 
The queen sent for me to come
“You’re welcome human”

“Help us if you can
Do not cut this forest down
for it is our home”

With that the birds sang
Affirmation to that plea
It was a new day

Image from Margaret Tarrant postcard


  1. What a lovely way to dress up an important message. A delight.

  2. Everybody needs a Bluebell (she seems to have less issues than Alice)...i remember those books...i loved fairies too..not because they were pink...but because they were bold and strong..

  3. What a beautiful experience. I went there with you, taking it all in.

  4. My youngest daughter and I are completely absorbed in the idea of creating a fairy garden. We've been collecting pictures of very intricate and detailed habitats that we have just been drooling over - I should let her read your beautiful poem.

  5. Nice poem, my first visit to your site. I'll be back!

  6. This is an environmentally friendly midsummer night dream. :-)

  7. Beautiful, Old Egg! So light and perfect, and I wanted to be there with you too! May we never grow too old to believe in magic... and in preserving what is sacred ground! I knew I wouldn't be disappointed when I came to see what you did for Two Shoes Tuesday today, and I surely wasn't... it was perfect!

  8. This is lovely. Very easy to fall into the story and not want to leave.

  9. Yes. How lucky you are to see faeries dance. And what an important message they have left you with - take care of our Earth.