Sunday, 27 July 2014

Just an exchange

“Hello” she said
saying my name,
looking at me
then lowering her eyes.
She knew I liked her.
I watched her fingers
as she worked away.
She seemed but little
more than a child
exuding a shy sexuality.
“Coffee?” she asked,
in her adult husky voice
I nodded. “And cake?”
Her next question.
She knew the answer
It was a gentle tease
The barrier between us
was not just the counter.
We were both out of reach
of each other.
She wouldn’t tell
her boyfriend.
I wouldn’t tell my wife.
Just an interchange
that made both our lives
more beautiful.


  1. Just an interchange. Just a moment of weakness because great tension or beauty has entered our sphere once more. I don't believe we should ignore that. We're only human.

  2. Unresolved tension! C'est la vie.

  3. Not sure about secrets, but it certainly makes for a intriguing poem..

  4. You have definitely brought this scene alive with your words. No harm in such an interchange, but I'm with Alan....if it is an innocent pleasant exchange, why hide it?

  5. wow, a moment of flirting and nothing more. I guess I can understand. great concept this week!

  6. Reminds me of the song "Me and Mrs Jones." Those other obligations. Very well written I liked it.

  7. I am so pleased I was never raised in a puritanical culture....Flirting is natural and healthy .Should not be a big deal !

  8. It's wonderful to interchange this unconditional love, to send/receive the 'hearts' hugs' :)xx

  9. I can see the people in this poem, you captured them so clearly.

  10. Sweet life for the living...
    Wonderful snapshot.

  11. "The barrier between us
    was not just the counter."

    A tease, indeed. I guess, such situations are as unavoidable as they are uncomfortable. Beautifully penned. Enjoyed reading it. :)

  12. Lovely moment - fully rendered here - Great! With Best Wishes Scott

  13. aha!! flirting and some think it is sexy!!

  14. I too agree with Alan, and yet, sometimes an innocent flirtation can really lift the spirits.

  15. Flirting are we here? smiles...I loved the lines "The barrier between us
    was not just the counter."

    Have a great week ahead.

  16. A little piece of happiness... isn't it ? its happens with all of us but you've given it a life ..a thriving one.. loved the poem... :-)

  17. Love. Well expressed sparkles of joy through human attraction.

  18. Some of those exchanges are so delightful! Everyone enjoys feeling special. Love this scene you have so beautifully and wittily crafted :-)

  19. What a lovely moment you've captured here. There's nothing wrong with a little flirtation. It's one of the joys of being alive :)