Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Sandman

My candle had gone out
I was filled with terror
Hairs stuck up from my arms
It was the time of ghosts
Rain poured down outside
There was a knock on the door
My heart beat and blood curdled
I peered through the window
A ragged man’s there in a cape
Warily I opened the door
What an image he presented
Old as time itself
“Are you ready?” He said
I’ve come on a mission”
“I have been good”
I said as I turned my back.
He laughed, “It’s not that simple
It’s time to go up that hill”
He pointed above him
To a dark and misty hill
“You’ve deserved your rest”
I slowly closed my eyes
And murmured
“All right Daddy”
He grasped me firmly
I remembered nothing more

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  1. This and your previous poem are quite a departure from your usual theme. Mere idle exploration of your dark side, I hope.

  2. Beautiful, comforting and chilling all at once . The way it "would be" I imagine :) Terrific :)

  3. Yes a real departure...I love the suspense..the atmosphere..the sense of an epic story placed in a tiny bottle of sand..I don't think I want to go up that hill for a while

    1. Curiously when I first wrote it I thought it was too dark so softened it to childish imagining as the father puts him back to bed and gets him off to sleep.

  4. A dream…didn't seem threatening at all, but these can be scary, the day robs them of their power, and the telling…have you noticed?

  5. But the speaker remembers enough to tell us about that strange and disturbing night--and the even more disturbing and ominous hill...

  6. Oh, Oldegg, you made him/the picture talk! I'd suggest to fight him! ~ Hope, you're okay :)xx

  7. Dramatic and intriguing, the ending hints of a dreamscape

    Have a nice Sunday

    Much love...

  8. One can only hope for different pictures to appear - none of those frightful ones. Nicely oldegg!


  9. Good one because I like the Dad showing up instead of demon. Sorta has a feel that teh kid is half asleep too.

  10. A definite departure...but that hill sounds ominous. I like how you softened it with that final image. It does have a dreamy sense to it. Scary dreams are meant to wake us consciousness and awareness.


  11. Oh, this is so interesting! You've outdone yourself this time! It certainly must have been a dream.

  12. This piece is of a child probably sleepwalking coming downstairs. For those concerned about the hill. This is just the term used for the stairs when I was a child to get me "back up that wooden hill to bed".

  13. WOW! Completely caught by surprise at the end. :)

  14. how interesting ... from the sandman of our childhood who took us off to sleep and who may sometime make us rest permanently. Fine poem!