Saturday, 1 February 2014

Digging the past

                                      My great great grandfather

Strange I found that

Researching family history

We are all strangers


Asking relatives

They smile and then think so hard

But truth they don't tell


Was he sent to jail?

And did she had an affair?

Prue's not your cousin


Researchers must be

Non-judgemental in their quest

And not affronted


Granddad’s dad unknown?

You have a strange family too

Dare you look and see?


When you are long gone

Just what will they think of you?

You may be just like me



This is fictional of course!




  1. So many stories in each family. Some we know, the good ones we maybe not!

  2. An interesting piece that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  3. I love researching family history, but I find it curious that so many people who don't even know the names of their great-grandparents think their own name will live down through their descendants.

  4. Maybe what matters most is what people think of you when you're still alive..we are all atoms and dust tangled up in each other's part of you is related to the man in the hat!

  5. Good one, OE! Your great great’s looking dapper, albeit austere, in his fine suit. Otherwise, it sounds situation normal. Thinking about my family… Sluggish memories and skeletons in the closet abound, and the two mix at best like drugs and alcohol at a shindig, at worst like a gaggle of old crones gossiping after church : D

  6. Oh for crying out loud, it's at worst the party, at best the crones! What am I like???!