Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Yum and Wah-Wah (Dum tales 7)

                               Fur pelt that Dum made

Yum was very happy to have Wah-Wah as her baby and at first growled at anyone else in the cave when they came too close.

Dum was given the job of finding an animal skin to make a pouch for the baby so he could be carried on her back.

He spent some time cleaning it in the sea and stretching it and by fastening it to a tree so that it would keep its fur and its shape so it could be tied around Yum with woven vine strands.

When he had finished it he showed her that the baby could be slung on her back or on her front should she need to feed him.

Yum was very pleased as she knew the baby would be able to feel her heart beat then and fall asleep easily whatever she was doing.

Wah-Wah was nearly a month old now as the moon now looked like it did when he was born so she would thank Dum for all he had done soon in the way he liked best.


  1. It's interesting to consider how many of our inventions originated in a domestic problem of some sort: child care, cooking, cleaning, etc.

  2. There is nothing more comforting to any of us than the sound of a parent or partner's heartbeat. Dum sounds like a very clever man, and Yum's life is going to be blessed by his inventions. I am glad that we see more and more parents carrying their children close to their hearts in baby slings these days, now if we can just get them to put down the cellphone long enough to interact with their children!! I'm totally enjoying your story, Old Egg, looking forward to more... and likely to a growing family as well! :-)