Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Last Walk

How many miles left? I asked the bucolic yokel sat on the edge of the milestone of life.

He puffed his pipe and looked me up and down

“Ah, you’re here” he said, “but have the sense to wait, you have to go in pairs”

“No, no, I am just out on a walk,”  I say.

He shook his head, “Got to be judged in pairs, to balance things out.

“Ah, here come some others.” He gave me a wink

“You got to be judged in pairs, One up one down. That seems fair, don’t it?”

I was just about to say “That’s not fair at all” when I saw that a group of three were approaching a man and two women.”

The old yokel winked at me “There yer go, you got a two to one on chance of going up or down with a pretty girl; and one of them’s a former Miss World…from Argentina, you can dance can’t you?”

“The alternative is I’ll get the guy.” I muttered.

“I expect he’ll tell you of all the scams that are possible wherever you’re going…but I agree, I would’ve fancied the blonde myself, but I’ve already made my mind up about you.”

“How did you manage that?” I asked.

“You’re very open, I sense your potential. You have the synergy to get on with anyone, even me.  They haven’t seen you yet, so just sit quietly over there so as they don’t notice you.”

So I tiptoed to one side, sat beside a bush and breathed in the beautiful scented air of heaven that was drifting toward me, and hoped I would be dancing the tango in paradise.


  1. Dancing the tango in paradise sounds like a fine idea...someday. I'm in no hurry.

  2. O-oo! Oldegg! You really have a potential! ~ Love your story! What happened next? :)

  3. You can make the choice and tango along with the blonde. That can be a nice choice! Heavenly,yes! Great story, oldegg!


  4. sounds like the beginning of a story! Maybe a love story made in heaven?

  5. Heavenly and loaded with potential! Do you have more in store for us?

  6. Like the ST. Peter character. Bits of curious riddle and then bare bones awareness and insight. Dancing the tango into heaven sounds like a great way to celebrate that arrival,


  7. Interesting take on one's last journey. Seeing as the only kind of dancing that has ever appealed to me is the ballet, I would probably have ended up with the bloke! Or is that a politically incorrect statement? As Gibbs would say: "I don't care!"

  8. One up one down..if Alice is my companion to the pearly gates I don't stand much hope of tangoing in paradise...nice to read one of your short stories made me think Samuel Beckett..and that's my literary (attempt) at knowledge for the year

  9. Love the Tango, Old Egg. Nice storytelling here. I hope all is well with you.


  10. Chance encounters are the best ones! A delightful tale indeed.