Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dum and Yum are hungry (Dum tales 5)

Winter had arrived, Yum was pregnant, cross and very hungry which was bad because food was in such short supply.

Dum was hungry, Yum was very hungry and her tummy was quite round but her face was thinner and they were reduced to eating the dying leaves were still left of the trees that just gave them the impression they were filling their stomachs.

Each day Dum would take his baskets out with him to put any food he could find in them which was very little for even the sea was less productive.

He couldn’t catch the birds on the sea shore and sat despondent with his basket with a few shellfish in the shallows to keep them fresh as so many stank when he got them home.

He wandered along the shore collecting some seaweed that was edible when it was washed in the stream near their cave and then went back to the basket.

To his surprise there was a fish in it nibbling at the contents so Dum quickly grabbed the basket and lifted it up with fish still in it; now they could eat a fish tonight!


  1. I couldnt figure how youd accomplish this one in just 6 sentences...well done

  2. We are watching the evolution of man take place... six sentences at a time! How fun! I'm suspecting that Dum was duly rewarded for improving the dinner fare that night! A grouchy, pregnant wife is not so fun to come home to! :-)

  3. Hm...sushi, or do they have they learned how to cook?

  4. Love your description, details and only 6 sentences.