Saturday, 22 February 2014

Lunatic beauty of love

When I first saw you

Did the earth move?

Did my heart skip a beat?

So beautiful

So aloof were you

I wasn’t there

As I passed you by

And when I stopped you

Walking in the street

Your eyes never left my face

Nor did mine of yours

We spoke but said little

We were different

But were of one mind

We agreed to meet

In a movie’s darkness

You lit up my world

I held your hand

You touched my heart

We both had secrets

We were both open

I breathed you in

You nestled in me

We both rejoiced

In that lunatic beauty of love


  1. and we still far for the lunacy. I enjoyed reading this :)

  2. There is something special about those impulsive loves.

  3. Ooh, i like how the last line falls in this a dawning clarity of realising what (or who) you love

  4. Love is complete lunacy...:)